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Welcome to the official website of the International Intelligence Federation (IIF),  As an organization, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable assessments that unlock the true potential of individuals and facilitate their personal and professional growth. We are a globally recognized authority dedicated to the advancement of intelligence assessment and analysis.


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Our mission

We urge to unlock and unleash the full potential of human intelligence. We want to foster a world where intelligence is nurtured, celebrated, and utilized to its fullest extent.

Authentic Certification

 Our certifications are highly regarded and recognized worldwide. Each certificate issued by the International Intelligence Federation carries our prestigious seal, a symbol of our rigorous evaluation process and unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our Certificate will be respected and valued by educational institutions, employers, and organizations across the globe.

Continual Improvement

We are committed to constant improvement and refinement of our assessments. Feedback from our users is invaluable to us, and we actively encourage individuals to provide us with their insights and suggestions. This feedback, combined with ongoing research and advancements in the field, allows us to continually enhance our assessments and ensure that they remain at the forefront of cognitive assessment practices.

B2B Solutions

Recognizing the needs of businesses and educational institutions, IIF is actively engaged in developing customized assessment solutions which are designed to streamline the hiring process, assist in college and school admission evaluations, and provide valuable insights into individuals’  abilities. This will ultimately build high-performing teams and fostering intellectual growth.

Our values

What we stand for



We value the diverse perspectives and expertise of our team, working together to unravel the intelligence and advancement of human brain.



We constantly push boundaries and seeking new approaches to enhance our assessments and services to provide  latest advancements.



 Our aim is to empower individuals to unlock their cognitive potential and achieve personal and professional success.



We believe that intelligence should liberate individuals to pursue their passions and dreams.



We are committed to conducting our assessments and operations with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct.



We seek new horizons and set higher benchmarks in the field of cognitive assessment and it fuels our dedication to continuous improvement.

Designed to give users unparalleled insights into their cognitive abilities

Our dedicated team of experts are passionate about finding out the mysteries of human intelligence and are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and insightful results.


Interested to join our team?

We are always seeking talented individuals who share our passion for unlocking human intelligence. Join our team and be a part of an organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of cognitive assessment. Explore our open positions and embark on a rewarding career with the International Intelligence Federation.

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